Seed Cake in Bulk & Wholesale

Arishtha Organics owns its own distillation plant for pure seed cakes. We have a highly trained technical staff and lab for quality check and assurance. Because of directly manufacturing the cakes powder and not buying from others, we are able to offer the cheapest and best prices to you. 


Oil cake, the coarse residue obtained after the oil is removed from various oilseeds, rich in protein and minerals and valuable as poultry and other animal feed. It may be broken up and sold or be ground into oil meal. Oil cakes from certain seeds such as castor beans and neem seed are toxic and are used as fertilizers rather than feed.


Organic Seed Cake

Neem Cake Powder
Castor Cake Powder
Karanja Cake Powder
Cotton seed Cake 
Mustard Cake Powder
Groundnut Cake
sunflower Cake