Karanja Oil

Karanja Oil is extracted from seeds of Karanja Tree (Pongamia glabra) which is commonly found in India. Karanja Oil is used in agriculture and pharmacy just like neem oil. It has similar insecticidal properties as neem oil and acts against a number of pests and insects.


Our organic, finest quality, cold-pressed and expeller-pressed, first extraction neem oil is wild harvested in the jungles of India by local, indigenous people.


We produce 100% Natural Karanja Seed Oil, Raw filter Karanja Seed Oil, Pharma Grade Karabja Oil, Micro refined Karanja Seed Oil and also product according to PPM demand of our customer, We also produce small customized packing for national and international customer brand with logo and products description.





Country of Origin: India

Botanical Name: Millettia pinnata

Common Names: Pongamia, Indian Beech, Pongum

Parts Used: Fruits and Seeds of Karanja Tree

Form: Liquid

Colour: Pale-Yellow

Scent: Milder and More Versatile

Natural: Yes

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed and Expeller Pressed

Refinement Status: Refined


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