Castor Cake Powder

It is truly organic manure which enhances the fertility of the soil without causing any damage or decay. It is enriched with the three big elements vital and conducive to the proper growth of crops - Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. It also has traces of nutrients like Manganese, Zinc and Copper, thus making it a balanced fertilizer. Moreover, it helps to neutralize the detrimental effects of chemical fertilizers. Apart from their contribution to Nutrients, they have a number of benefits in agriculture, which none of the synthetic fertilizers or pesticides can offer. They bring in the wonderful molecules that nature has designed to help the plants flourish naturally. They provide slow and steady nourishment, stimulation, protection from soil nematodes and insects; improve yields, and quality of product like taste, flavour, amino acid composition etc.


We produce 100% Natural Oiled Mustard Cake, Deoiled Mustard Cake, Mustard Cake Powder, We also produce small customized packing for national and international customer brand with logo and products description.

Nutrition Content:


OIL:- 0.5% TO 1.0%

BULK DENSITY:- 0.55 % TO 0.60 %


NITROGEN:- 4.5 % TO 5.0 %


POTASH:- 1.0 %

MOISTURE:- 9 TO 12 %