Mustard Cake Powder

Mustard Oil Cake is an ideal and very rich animal and cattle feed. Mustard Oil Cake is rich mineral content and it is obtained by crushing mustard seed.

The mustard seed residue is cold pressed without any chemicals or additives. The all natural oil cake obtained has a minimum residual oil content of 7.50%. This makes it an effective meal for cattle which in turn promotes a higher output and fat content in milk yield. When the mustard seeds are processed into oil, a by-product is produced which is seed's pressed cakes that have a little amount of oil content in them. Oil cakes are made from these cakes from the process of distillation and these are used as animal feed. The production process yields 37% of oil and remaining in the oil cake. Mustard oil cake is such a substance, cheap and easy to break down and apply to the soil as a conditioner. In addition to reducing viruses and nematodes, mustard oil cake increases plant survival rate and yield

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