Aloe vera Oil

The oil is used in many cosmetics such as face wash, body lotions, shampoos, hair gels, etc. This is obtained by the extraction of Aloe Vera leaves and mixing it with other base oils like soybean, almond or apricot. Aloe Vera oil contains antioxidants, Vitamin C, E, B, allantoin, minerals, proteins, polysaccharides, enzymes, amino acids and beta-carotene.


Our organic, finest quality, cold-pressed and expeller-pressed, first extraction neem oil is wild harvested in the jungles of Indian by local, indigenous people.


We produce 100% Natural Aloe vera Oil, Raw filter Aloe Vera Oil, Pharma Grade Aloe Vera Oil, Micro refined Aloe Vera Oil and also product according to PPM demand of our customer, We also produce small customized packing for national and international customer brand with logo and products description.






Aloe Vera oil contains the therapeutic properties from the base oil as well from the nutrients that it provides to the oil.

  • Emollient – Aloe Vera oil is a brilliant moisturiser for the skin.

  • Anti-Inflammatory – It reduces inflammation and other signs related to it.

  • Anti – Bacterial – It has the ability to kill certain bacteria.

  • Anti-Viral – This property makes it suitable for use on herpes and shingles rashes.

  • Anti-fungal – This oil can be used to kill fungi that cause conditions like ringworm.

  • Anti-oxidant – The oil protects the skin from free radical damage.

  • Cicatrizant – Aloe vera oil speeds wound recovery.

  • Anti-Irritant – reduces skin irritation.

  • Astringent – shrinks the skin and makes it taut.

  • Sun protection – Aloe Vera oil provides minor sun protection, especially in a base oil like Sesame oil.