Jojoba Oil

Native Americans extracted the oil of the jojoba plant for many personal care needs, a trend that continues today. The golden colour of this liquid plant wax potentially makes it a very attractive addition to personal care products.


Our organic, finest quality, cold-pressed and expeller-pressed, first extraction neem oil is wild harvested in the jungles of Argentina by local, indigenous people.


We produce 100% Natural Jojoba Seed Oil, Raw filter Jojoba Seed Oil, Pharma Grade Jojoba Oil, Micro refined Jojoba Seed Oil and also product according to PPM demand of our customer, We also produce small customized packing for national and international customer brand with logo and products description.





Country of Origin: Argentina
Botanical Name: Simmondsia Chinensis
Common Names: Goat Nut, Deer Nut, Pignut, Wild hazel, Quinine Nut, Coffeeberry, Gray Box Bush
Parts Used: Jojoba Plant Seeds
Form: Liquid Wax

ColourGolden to Brownish Yellow
Scent: Neutral; Almost Odorless
Natural: Yes
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed and Expeller Pressed