Amla Oil

Amla oil is the extract of the tiny berries that grow on the Phyllanthus Emblica plant. For centuries, practitioners of the ancient Indian healing art of Ayurveda have used amla oil for hair treatments, and studies have shown that the antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids and lipids found in amla oil are highly beneficial for the hair and scalp.  

Our organic, finest quality, cold-pressed and expeller-pressed, first extraction neem oil is wild harvested in the jungles of Indian by local, indigenous people.


We produce 100% Natural Amla Oil, Raw filter Amla Oil, Pharma Grade Amla Oil, Micro refined Amla Oil and also product according to PPM demand of our customer, We also produce small customized packing for national and international customer brand with logo and products description.





  •  Amla Oil ensures proper hair growth & uniform pigmentation.

  •  Prevents premature aging of hair thus preventing greying.

  •  Amla Oil prevents hair fall by strengthening the hair follicles.

  • Amla Oil prevents split-ends and provides natural shine and luster by rejuvenating dull and damaged hair.

  •  Amla Oil has a unique refreshing quality. It soothes and cools the mind ensuring proper sound sleep.

  •  Amla oil, along with various other formulations like Brahmi, Reetha & Shikakai provides a natural combination for curing body pain, headache and is a perfect combination for shiny healthy hair.